Make Your House a Home

      Last week we took a tour of my house, and as you saw, it is very small and very old. When we decided on our house, Nick was apprehensive about the space and about what we could make of it. We loved the location, but Nick just wasn't sure how we could possibly make it look nice. I, on the other hand, had absolute confidence in making our house a home. Yes, I spent a lot of time on Craigslist and other neighborhood swap sites to find furniture that fit my personal decorating style because I truly believe that you can greatly improve the "hominess" of your house with a few quick tricks and not a lot of $$$. 

Syd's Quick Tricks To Make Your House a Home:

  • A door mat. You only have one chance to make a first impression on guests coming to your house, and making your front porch look welcoming plays a big part in that. At very least, invest in a welcome mat. Target is a great place to find cute ones! If you have the ability to, pot a plant or two to put on your porch. Plants immediately make a house look more like a home.
  • Buy a delicious smelling candle and have it burning when your guests arrive. I have had the best luck finding really nice, inexpensive candles at HomeGoods, Marshalls,  and TjMaxx.
  • Go to your local grocery store and put together an inexpensive flower arrangement. Try to stay with a base of white or natural greenery and then a pop of one or maybe two colors. This way, the flowers will be a pretty arrangement, but not distracting, during a meal or a study. 
  • Lighting! There have been a lot of studies done about lighting and the effect it has on people's ability to feel safe and open. In school, we focused a lot on warm versus cool lighting and how we can help our clients feel welcome in our space by having both natural and warm colored lights. A cool colored light oftentimes reminds people of someplace sterile like a hospital, while a warm or natural light reminds them of a warm and homie place. We want people to feel welcome in our homes when we invite them over! Try to have at least two kinds of light: natural and warm light. If it is night time, still try to have two sources of light, but instead of natural light, maybe have two lamps omitting light from different directions, or an overhead light and a lamp. 
  • Bake something! Nothing makes someone feel more welcome than walking into a house that smells of baked goods. Set your deliciously baked goods out on a plate or platter in the center of your living room. If any of your guests feel at all uneasy, being able to reach for something to eat tends to ease their nerves and gives them a talking point! For a quick and easy cookie, check out my Magical Nutella Stuffed Cookies under "Dinner Party" in the recipes section. 

         As you invite people to your home this week, I hope you use a couple of these easy tricks to make your house feel more like a home. It is our goal to make people feel comfortable and welcome in our homes so that we might be able to share the goodness of the Lord with them over time. Happy UnBreaking this week!