Nick and I eat at home about 29 nights a month. I wouldn't say we are poor by any means, but I would say we are definitely on a newlywed budget if you know what I mean..... With that said, I have made it my personal wife mission to make satisfying, creative, and delicious meals at home on our just above broke budget. It has only been a few months, but I personally think I'm doing pretty well! Here is where I get the pleasure of sharing those recipes with you.

In the recipes section of UnBroken, I have created meals by category:

  • Quick and Easy--These are meals I believe anyone and everyone can make in a hot minute, and are absolutely delicious!
  •  Dinner Party--things you could make for a crowd while not breaking the bank
  • Make Ahead--I LOVE MEAL PREP, especially on weeks when I know I will be really busy, or I know I will be going out of town, and Nick has still gotta eat. These are meals that are fully made, or mostly made, that you can throw in your freezer, and pull out in a pinch
  • To Impress-- These are recipes that take a little longer to cook OR are of a higher difficulty than recipes in other categories, but they will definitely impress your dinner guests!

I hope these recipes will be helpful to you as you begin to #UnBreakThePeople in your home!