Uganda 2017

I have been traveling to Uganda to do various forms of mission work as well as social work for the past 10 years. I work with a wonderful, Ugandan-led ministry there called Arise Africa International. Arise supports hundreds of pastors and their wives country wide, has a children's home, a primary school, a secondary school, tons of agricultural projects, is building a clinic, and has a women sustainability ministry. This year I am going to work with the sustainability ministry along with 5 other women from my church back home in Austin. I would love for you to take a couple minutes to read my support letter to find out a little more about what I will be doing this year. If you feel led to support my trip in prayer and/or financially you can do so by contributing to my YouCaring page or sending me a message to find out more about how to help via the contacts page here on UnBroken. 

Dear Friends and Family,

This has been a huge year for me! I got married and moved to a new city, and Nick and I are doing great! Houston is definitely not Austin, and getting used to living away from my family has been hard, but things are going really well overall.  I’ve started an initiative based on a need I’ve seen since moving to Houston, and it has been awesome to see God work at work. (Check it out at or on instagram at @unbreakthepeople.) While I’m excited about my new ministry in Houston, I still have my long-lived, deep passion for Uganda, and I am happy to say I get to stay connected with Arise Africa even while living in Houston.

Last year I had the opportunity to take Nick to Uganda with me and introduce him to the people I have grown to love over the last DECADE. (Geez, am I really old enough to say I’ve been doing something for for a decade??) It was the most amazing experience, and we believe it  provided a piece of foundation for our marriage. It gave Nick some insight into why and how I am who I am today that he would not have been able to to understand in any other way. While that trip was amazing, it was also very different from my previous trips.  It was fast, and we hopped around doing a lot of different things. This year, I have the opportunity to go back  to to Uganda with my momma to hold a women’s conference. Yea! The focus of of the conference will be to encourage and empower women as spiritual leaders in their homes and communities, while working on basic sustainability concepts with them. My mom lead a team to do this exact ministry last year, but our timing didn’t quite line up for me to participate. Needless to say,  I’m ecstatic that I get to join the team this year!

Our trip is July 17-28th and costs $2600. More than ever before, I am am leaning on God to meet the financial need. (Our newlywed budget definitely needs some Jesus up in it to make this trip possible-haha.) I am making casseroles again, and would so appreciate if  you could partner with me by purchasing one or more for your family or to share with someone else. This year I am asking my Austin friends who are able to pick up casseroles from my mom’s house. I would LOVE to hand deliver every casserole as usual, but I will be coming to Austin to do everything in a quick weekend, so it would be helpful to streamline some of the deliveries/pick-ups if possible. If it’s not convenient for you to pick up, no worries, I will be happy to deliver as usual!

Casserole Info:

  • June 18th--King Ranch Chicken (AUSTIN-for pickup after noon)  

  • June 25th--King Ranch Chicken or Beefy Bake  (HOUSTON ONLY)

  • July 16th--Beefy Bake  (AUSTIN-for pickup after 3pm)

  • Casseroles are hearty 9x13 family size portions

  • Suggested Donation $30 per casserole

To order casseroles, please fill out this form. (I am getting very high tech these days.)

I am thankful for you. It is truly a blessing to have a community of people that has surrounded me for so long and helped make it possible for  me to serve in Uganda for so many years. It truly is SO humbling. Your prayers are what I ask for and treasure most. If you cannot contribute financially this year, will you will please join our ministry to the women in Uganda as a prayer warrior? I will be posting updates throughout our trip under the blog section on my website UnBroken, so make sure to follow along there. I cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done and for who you are in my life!



P.S. If you would like to give financially sans casserole (but I highly recommend getting a casserole-word on the street is they are super yummy, and you can always share the food love with a friend!), you can make checks payable to Sydney Zuiker or send support via my YouCaring page.