I Got It From My Momma

Mother's Day is about honoring the women in our lives who have sacrificed everything so that we might learn, grow, and excel at all things in life. For me, this is absolutely the woman who carried me in her womb for 9 months, and who has guided me through every obstacle for the past 23 years. For others, it is an adoptive momma, a spiritual momma, or even simply an influential woman in their life. I think moms are one of the closest, tangible, pictures we have of God's unconditional and sacrificial love for us. A woman's life changes forever when they become a mother (of any kind), and I am so grateful to have such an amazing momma in my life. I hope this weekend you took some time to say thank you to your momma, whoever she is, for all that she has given for you to be who you are today. I know that no amount of thank yous will ever be enough to thank my momma for all she has done for me, but I also know saying "thank you" is a good place to start to show my gratitude to the most amazing woman I have ever known. 

The older I get, the more people say I am just like my mom. I feel like we have started looking even more similar than we used to. We talk the same way, we think the same way, we like the same things, and we have very similar passions. In my opinion, mom is  a much wiser, more tempered, more outgoing, grownup version of me. Every time someone says I am just like my mom, I feel so honored. I think she is the coolest person on the planet, and I hope I grow to be as amazing as she is some day. Let's talk about some things I got from my momma:

  • An absolute weakness for flowers. If there are pretty flowers, I don't know what happens, but  somehow I ALWAYS end up buying them. Its Tracy's fault for sure. 
  • FOOOOODDDDD all the food all the time. Especially meat, and specifically barbecue. Maybe I got this from both my parents because my dad loves barbecue too, but mom always finds the best BBQ spots.
  • Quality time with people we love. We're all about it all the time. We are the kind of people that just want to be together. Doesn't matter what we are doing, as long as we are doing it together. 

Since moving to Houston, mom and I have made an enormous effort to plan fun outings in each other's city as well as in cities between the two of us. If I'm being completely honest, I kinda dropped the ball on Mother's Day this year. I have been driving back and forth to Austin for weeks in a row over the past two months for various family and major friend life events, and as much as I love it in Austin, driving back and forth all the time is exhausting. I told mom we would come to Austin to spend Mother's Day with her. Obviously. Mom had been in NY living it up and wouldn't be home until late Saturday night, so we weren't going to go to Austin until then, but I quickly realized that: 1) Nick was on call and couldn't go much further than an hour from his work, and 2) I was SO tired. I called mom last week to talk about Mother's Day plans and the thing about mom is, she always knows what's going on simply from hearing my voice. She's magical like that. So I got on the phone and she knew. She knew I was exhausted and stressed about Nick being on call, but still really wanted to spend the day together, so she SO graciously suggested we meet in the middle for Mother's Day instead of me driving all the way to Austin. Again. Bless that woman. Bless her. 

Again, I was Mother's Day plan failing, so I called mom and said honestly, I have no idea what we can do. The cool thing about mom is that I can say that to her, and she doesn't feel unloved or unappreciated, but instead she knows I am struggling to come up with a plan. We also both say we are better together than apart (is that a marriage thing to say? I promise Nick is my number 1, and we are also better together than apart, but seriously. Mom and I can GET. STUFF. DONE. When we are together). So, I told mom I had no idea what we could do, and she came to the rescue. She said she had heard of a barbecue place in Brenham, TX that was supposed to be bomb and THAT was her pick for Mother's Day Lunch. 

Truth Barbecue did NOT disappoint. Food critiques are comparing it to Franklin Barbecue, which is extremely high praise! If you are a Texan, or at very least an Austinite, you know about Franklin. The thing that placed Truth far and above other barbecue joints in my books, is that not only was their meat phenomenal, but their sides were also to die for. Mac 'n cheese topped with, none other than my favorite food on the entire planet, BACON, good old-fashioned, collard greens, and homemade pickles. Oh man, I love pickles. If you've never made the pit stop along 290 in Brenham at Truth, you need to do it ASAP! They serve until they sell out, which happened around 1PM on Sunday.

 A closer look at that fabulous Mac 'n Cheese. Why didn't I think to add a whole bunch of delicious bacon to my mac until now?? 

A closer look at that fabulous Mac 'n Cheese. Why didn't I think to add a whole bunch of delicious bacon to my mac until now?? 

After our delicious trip to Truth Barbecue, mom and I spotted a nursery down the road, and no surprise here, we bought some flowers. We decided that if we bought the same flowers for our respective houses, it would kind of be like we live at the same house again. Kind of, but actually not really at all, ha. Maybe it will just give us a big smile when we walk outside and see them because we will know the other one sees the same thing when they walk out their front door as well. Call us weird. We probably are, whatever! We ended our Mother's Day meet up by strolling through the adorable downtown Brenham. I think it was an all around successful day!

There are a lot of quirky things I got from my momma, but something I truly cherish is her deep desire to bring people together. Mom is the small groups pastor at her church in Austin, and she is absolutely incredible at her job. She has a way with people that amazes me. She lives and breathes to connect people with others, and she does a darn good job doing it. I truly believe I have such a passion for UnBreaking people because my momma has shown me how valuable biblical community is for my entire life. My way of doing  it is slightly different than hers, but at the core our passion is the same, bring people together through Christ to live life in community. My way is through food in my tiny house, and hers is through a church. This is what I got from my momma. What did you get from yours?