UnBreak The People Beauty


Maskcara is an amazing company that is completely revolutionizing the beauty industry by taking everything that normally goes into your makeup bag and simplifying it all into one, fully customizable, totally affordable, easy compact. If you are looking to save time, space, and money while looking absolutely gorgeous, Maskcara is for you! 



Cara Killpack

Cara is the creator of Maskcara and she is way more than just a beauty blogger/industry guru. She is a kind and compassionate leader with a passion for women and a brain to make things happen. Watch these videos to see why Cara thought we needed something new, and what sets Maskcara products apart from everything else out there in the beauty world. 

IIID Foundation

Ditch your old, all over, one color, fountain and upgrade it for some awesome, life-giving, IIID Foundation. Not only will you be impressed with how much definition is brought back to your face, but you will also love the ease and speed of this cream based makeup! Let's get you color matched, gorgeous! Message me here for help.

Why Maskcara?

Maskcara is all about bringing women's inner beauty out by enhancing what they already have. Every woman is beautiful, but not all women believe that they are. I believe that women, as a collective unit, can be SUCH a powerful force. However, if we don't first believe that we actually are strong, beautiful, and powerful human beings, we cannot accomplish anything.