Photo:  Floataway Studios

                                                 Photo: Floataway Studios

Hi! I am Sydney,  a 23 year old, University of Texas grad (Hook 'em forever) with a passion for people and a deep love for food. I'm a true Austin girl currently residing in, cringe... it still pains me to say this, Houston, TX. Pray for me. But in all seriousness, I know that the Lord has a purpose for me here in Houston, and I believe that purpose is to help Him UnBreak the broken. 

I graduated with a degree in social work and a life plan to move to Uganda..... but then there was this boy named Nicholas..... oh boys. Anyway, God opened my eyes to a bright and shiny future in the dirty-H with "Nicholas Zuweeker" as my momma calls him. We live here in our tiny, old, slanted, apartment that we love deeply. Since I moved here in December of 2016, I have kind of struggled to figure out what to do with my life. My forever passion is food and cooking, but I also love helping people and being a social worker. I have done all kinds of thing since moving here including teaching cooking classes, and subbing part-time in some amazing schools in downtown. I am now an Independent Artist with Maskcara Beauty and just accepted a new social worky job that Ill tell you all about soon! The one thing that has been pretty consistent during my time here though has been God's nudge for me and this little thing we call UnBroken!

I have wanted to start a food blog for a long time, but always felt like I needed more purpose than just talking about food. Oh that, and I am TERRIBLE at taking pictures and all things technology. Like SO bad y'all. But when the idea for UnBroken started unfolding in front of me, I knew it was time and that God had given me a purpose for my food blog. I knew He was asking me to push through my fears and anxiety, and just go for it. So, here I am, saying yes to His call into the scary internet/food/wellness world!

***For more information and to learn how to get started, watch the video under the Resources page titled "Game Plan"***


My vision for UnBroken is simple. I want to start a movement that brings people together through food and shows them Jesus while I'm doing it. There are so many ways this could be done, but I figured I would start by inviting people to my table. My dream is that the broken people I find around me become UnBroken through the meals I feed them, and more importantly, by the Jesus they see in my itty bitty apartment. I hope that by documenting my journey, I will encourage others to take the plunge to #UnBreakThePeople with me! I deeply desire for people to know that they matter, that they deserve to be known, and ultimately, that anyone can help UnBreak people by just saying yes to a meal! As I have continued on my UnBreaking journey, I have stumbled upon various things that have hindered me as well as others from UnBreaking people. Maskcara Beauty fits into all of this because it quickly reminded me that if we do not believe that we are powerful and beautiful, and therefore capable of UnBreaking people, we actually can't/won't do it. Maskcara was the launching pad for me to love myself better, and what opened my eyes to the world of self care. On this website you will not only get to follow my journey, but will also find resources to help YOU UnBreak yourself so you can get out there and #UnbreakThePeople. 

 This is our itty bitty table in our itty bitty apartment. If we can #UnBreakThePeople here at our table, so can you!   ***To shop my Maskcara site, click   here  !***

This is our itty bitty table in our itty bitty apartment. If we can #UnBreakThePeople here at our table, so can you! 

***To shop my Maskcara site, click here!***